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The Wee Ones

Dancers ages 2.5-3.5yrs old

Classes in Grafton

Saturdays 9:00-9:30am

Our wee ones program for itty bitty dancers focuses on the basic movements of Irish dancing while strengthen our gross motor skills and improving their balance. We are excited to have some fun as these itty bitty Irish dancers take their first "steps"!

Classes begin the week of September 9th.


Class Attire: Dancers are asked to wear either a leotard, tank top, or tshirt on top, with either a skirt, shorts, or leggings. No denim. Hair pulled back.

Shoes: Dancers are asked to wear socks or poodle socks (Irish dancing socks) with black ballet shoes or ghillies (Irish dancing shoes). We ask that you do not buy ballet shoes from local dance stores as they are often Scottish dancing shoes. Please contact Mary Devlin for proper Irish dancing ghillies. 

Register Today: All Murphy Academy policies must be read and acknowledged digitally through our online registration. Completed registration includes: submitted registration form due by the time of first class, $25 registration fee and first month's tuition submitted online. 

Tuition: $45/month per Wee Ones Class