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End of the Year Show 2022
June 18th
Whitinsville Christian School 
279 Linwood Ave Whitinsville, MA

We cannot wait for our dancers to perform on the big stage at Whitinsville Christian School on June 18th! There will be a 10am show and a 1pm show. Please see below which showcase your dancer will be performing in. Some dancers will be performing in both shows on the 18th. If your dancer is in both shows, please pack them a lunch as once the first show is complete we will keep them backstage to refuel and get ready for the second show.

Rehearsal Week

Next week, June 13-18th we will NOT have regularly scheduled classes. Dancers are expected to attend rehearsals at Whitinsville Christian School. Please see the rehearsal schedule below. Please note that dancers in the beginner class will ONLY need to attend the Dress Rehearsal practices.

Please note, these are closed rehearsals. Teachers and dancers are the ONLY ones allowed in the auditorium at all times. Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay outside the auditorium and wait for their dancer.

Ticket Sales

All ticket can be purchased online through Tututix. Please click below for the link for tickets to come see the show!


If you have not yet purchased your costume for the show, please do so! The link was sent through email last month. If you need us to resend the link, please email us at


All dancers must have proper shoes to wear during the show. If your dancer needs shoes please see the links below.

Flower Sale

Please email if you are interested in purchasing flowers for your dancer. Bouquets are $20 and can be picked up the day of the show. Flowers are all from Sparkle on Park. Proceeds from the flower sale will go to support the dancers performing at the National Championships this July.

Basket Raffle

Will you be a winner? This year families with dancers competing in the regional championships in November will be selling raffle basket tickets. All ticket sales for raffles will be cash and sold during the shows. Pack your Irish luck because you could be one of the lucky winners that goes home from the show with a prize!

Lastly, we are planning for ALL dancers to participate in the show. If you have not told us that your dancer cannot participate in the show, please email us ASAP. Thank you!

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