Murphy Academy Fall 2019

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D & T, Set Class, & Feis Prep

Our classes are billed monthly based on the number of classes dancers attend throughout the week.

A one time registration fee in the amount of $25 is charged per dancer. Our family discount applies to the registration fee.

Wee Ones 1/2 hour class: $45/month

One class a week: $55/month

Two classes a week: $95/month

Three classes a week: $135/month

Four classes a week: $175/month

Five classes a week: $215/month

*Unlimited Tuition per Student $250/month

*Unlimited Family per Family $400/month

Additional 1/2 hour Drills and Technique $35/month

*Excludes Oireachtas and Workshop Fees

​Dance Clinics/Workshop, Oireachtas Team, and private lessons are billed additionally. ​



Tuition is charged through Studio Director, our online registration portal. These payments can be set up on auto pay. Payment must be made or processed by the first of each month. We also accept checks and cash payments. 

Family Discount

We offer a family discount because, being a family of five, we couldn't imagine dancing without each other. Our family discount is applicable to families with more than two dancers. Families with more than two dancers will receive free registration and tuition for each additional dancer.

Private Lessons & Workshops

Fall 2019 Schedule


4:30-5:15 Little Shamrocks (Ages 3.5-5) Beginners
5:15-6:15 Mini Murphy (Ages 5-7) Beginners and Year 2 dancers
6:15-7:30 Major Murphy (Ages 11+) Experienced Dancers
7:15-8:45 Advanced

5:15-6:00 Little Shamrocks/Mini Murphs (Ages 4-7) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers
6:00-7:00 Mighty and Majors (Ages 8+) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers



2:30-4:00 Privates upon request

4:00-4:45 Murphy Production Company - Drama (similar to Peter Pan Finale Ages 5+)
4:45-5:45 Mighty/Minors (Ages 5-10 and previously/will be actively feising) Experienced dancers only

5:45-6:45 Oireachtas U8/U10 Ceili
6:45-7:15 Drills and Technique
7:15-8:45 Advanced




2:30-4:00 Privates upon request
4:00-5:00 The Lads (Boys all ages and levels) 

5:15-7:15 Privates by appointment only
7:15-8:00 Traditional Set//Solo Set (Dancers with hard shoe experience)
8:00-9:00 Oireachtas U12/U15/15+ Ceili

5:15-6:00 Little Shamrocks & Mini Murph (Ages 3.5-7) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers
6:00-7:00 Mighty & Majors (Ages 8+) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers



2:30-4:00 Privates upon request
4:00-5:00 Mighty/Major Murphy (Ages 8+) Beginners

5:00-6:00 Little Shamrocks & Mini Murphs (Ages 4-7) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers
6:00-6:45 Murphy Production Company (Ages 7+)
6:45-8 Mighty & Major Murphys Novice/Prizewinner 9+
7:30-9:00 Advanced



2:30-4:00 Privates upon request
4:00-5:00 Mini Murph/Minor Murphys (Ages 5-10) Beginners and Year 2 & 3 dancers
5:00-6:30 All Oireachtas Ceili
6:30-9:30 Privates


9:00-9:30 The Wee Ones (Ages 2.5-3.5) overlapping with Little Shamrocks 9:00-9:45 (Ages 3.5-5)
9:45-11:00 Ceili U12/U15/15+
11:00-12:00 Feis Prep (All dancers welcome)
12:00-1:15 Ceili U8/U10​

We offer private lessons and workshops during the year. These are billed seperately. Please email Bridget if you have any questions.