The Murphy Academy is led by Bridget Murphy TCRG. Bridget, her sisters Elizabeth and Erin, and brothers Shane and Thomas were all pupils of the McInerney School where they learned the style and technique of Irish step dancing. As a family of five, they attended local feiseanna, Irish step dancing competitions, all ranking in the highest competitive level of Irish dancing: Open Championship. Not only did the family attend local competitions but also competed in numerous regional, national, and world championships. The family is excited to continue to spread their love of Irish dancing through Central Massachusetts.

The family says they are lucky to have started their first chapter of their story as Irish dancing studio owners. "The story of our school is just beginning," Bridget says, "and we are proud to have had such an amazing new beginning in Irish dance." In its first six months of being established the school has performed in local community events such as: Waters Farm Days in Sutton, Holden Days, and the Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade. Our dancers were the first Irish step dancers to perform for Worcester's newest hockey team, the Railers. Their mascot, Trax, even stopped at our Grafton studio to learn a jig!

Not only is the studio making their mark on the community but also in the world of competitive Irish dancing. Erin Murphy performed at the New England Regional Championships of Irish dancing and took 3rd place. She has now qualified for the National Championships in Disney World and World Championships in Glasglow, Scotland. The family is excited to share this opportunity of dancing competitively to their many dancers in the near future.


Whether dancers choose to compete or continue to dance recreationally the Murphy Academy teachers will always inspire them to be the best dancer they can be! Be a part of our story as we continue to share our love for Irish dancing. Classes are currently offered in Grafton and West Boylston, MA.