Worcester St. Patrick's Day Parade

We participated in our first Worcester St. Patrick's Day Parade this weekend! It was a huge success. A BIG thank you to VIP Landscaping for providing our float.

We loved that we were able to give our dancers this experience. I remember growing up and marching down Park Ave and now being able to give my dancers the same opportunity is a dream come true.

We had a long wait before we finally started marching. I loved how our dancers handled waiting with such grace. Some of the dancers were playing hand clapping games, making new friends (I loved seeing the friendships being made between our dancers in Holden and Grafton!), and practicing their steps before the parade took off.

Once we finally got moving, the dancers were in their glory. They had big smiles and were waving the whole way. Each dancer that participated had their time to shine up on the float! Even our Tiny Tots (3-5 year olds) showcased their spins and skips as the truck drove down the street passing crowds with dozens of people.

We are happy to say that our Tiny Tot dancers have their first reel and jig down. As they dance throughout the rest of the year we hope to continue to perfect their steps, and even learn a second step.

Our Intermediate dancers were definitely the champions of the parade! They must've done at least 100 jumps by the time we reached Highland Street. They had their moment on the float too and I loved seeing all their hard work that they put into class up on the big float. For most of them, they now have steps in the hard shoe — even dancers that started for the first time last summer!

The advanced dancers carried us til the end of the parade! I think if they danced to Shipping Up to Boston one more time their legs were going to fall off. For all of them it was their first time dancing on a float too! And after a few minutes they got the hang of dancing as the truck moved. It is definitely trickier than it looks!

I can't thank the parents of our dancers, my family, and friends that came out to support our school and make some of the first memories at our school. I loved seeing our sea of green in the Murphy Irish Dance fleeces skip through the Worcester St. Patrick's Day Parade.

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