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We are excited to begin teaching your son or daughter Irish step dancing! Our dance season begins in September and finishes in June. Your child is welcome to start anytime throughout our dance year!

Class: Our nurturing class environment will help to make your dancer feel comfortable trying Irish dancing. Our teachers encourage dancers and provide instruction at a pace that is right for children of various learning abilities.


A little about us...

Enrollment Details: We are currently enrolling for our 2022-2023 dance season.


How to sign up?:


To join our dance family click here and sign up!

1) The above link will navigate you to create our Studio Director Parent Portal. 

2) Create a New Account for your dancer.

3) Please Choose either Grafton 2022-2023 or West Boylston 2022-2023 season

4) Click a class that will work best for your schedule:

Grafton Beginners

Dancers ages 2.5-4 years old — Tuesday or Saturday Mornings 10:00-10:30am

Dancers 5+ years old — Saturday Mornings 10:30-11:15am or Tuesdays Evenings 5:30-6:15pm

West Boylston Beginners

Dancers ages 4-7 years old — Wednesdays 4:15-5:00pm

5) Enroll your dancer by successfully checking out.

6) Your dancer is now enrolled in class!  


What do I need for my dancer to start?:

  • Beginners are asked to wear active wear (tshirt, tank top, shorts or leggings). We do not require a specific uniform.

  • Shoes - dancers are able to begin the year learning in socks before purchasing soft shoes or ghillies. Dancers 5 and under are able to wear black ballet flats before purchasing proper soft shoes. Please see below for details.


Where do I purchase shoes?


More details...

When are Beginner Classes?

Tuesdays (in Grafton)

10:00-10:30am — Mini Murph Class (Beginners 2.5-4 years old)

5:30-6:15pm — New Beginners Class (Ages 5+)

Wednesdays (in West Boylston)

4:15-5:00pm — New Beginners Class (Ages 4-7)

Saturdays (in Grafton)

10:00-10:30am — Mini Murph Class (Beginners 2.5-4 years old)

10:30-11:15am — New Beginners Class (Ages 5+)

Classes begin the week of September 12th!

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