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100% Recall in Montreal!

This summer we had 6 of our dancers represent our school in the North American Irish Dancing Championship in Montreal.

It was an incredible journey for these girls as they practiced their hearts out to dance in their elite competition. The week in Montreal is something we as their teachers will never forget. Not only did they make us proud in their placements, but also in their dedication and grace.

All six of our dancers placed in Montreal. This means that they all placed in the top half of their competition. Four of our dancers placed in the top 20 of their competition, and two of them qualified for the World Championships in 2023.

As we reflect on what an accomplishment this was for our dancers, we also look at what we take away from the event besides a trophy...

PERSEVERANCE Irish dance teaches so many life lessons. This year our national dancers learned that their strength has no boundaries and everything is worth it.

FUN These girls fell in love with the process and they had fun together training for the event. As teachers, we are constantly learning new things about our dancers. At the nationals we learned some fun things:

  • Not only do our dancers love Taylor Swift but they are also big Lizzo fans.

  • Dance family dinners are a must, and so much better when celebrating a birthday (Happy 12th Birthday Charlotte!)

  • How much our dancers are looking forward to team dancing at this year's Oireachtas

  • And baby snuggles are not only the best, but also calm the nerves!

PRIDE We could not be prouder to have these girls representing our school in the 2022 National Championships. Congratulations girls, you did it!

  • Ellie 21st in the u9 championship

  • Avery 20th in the u10A championship

  • Charlotte 6th in the u11B championship & World Qualifier

  • Amelia 12th in the u12A championship & World Qualifier

  • Mary Margaret 20th in the u12B championship

  • Maggie 55th in the u16B championship

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