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Summer Fun Camp!

Our annual Murphy Summer Camp is always so much fun! It is one of our favorite parts of the year because all our dancers come together regardless of their age and experience. This year they made memories tie dying shirts, dressing up as different themed days, playing games together, and dancing their hearts out!

We were joined by Sharon Mc Caul of Derry, Ireland for another wonderful time learning new choreography to prepare for the upcoming dance season. Our dancers learned new steps, set dances, and drills to help continue to improve their performances. Thank you Sharon! We can't wait to see you again!

Our dancing family grew this summer camp! We had many new beginners attend summer camp and cannot wait to see them during the dance year. We even had a little dancer celebrate their 2nd birthday with us during the mini camp!

Although we couldn't have our pool party this year, we still could see how much fun our dancers had this week by the smiles on their faces. We are already looking forward to next year's summer camp!

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