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Studio Policies


Regular attendance is necessary to promote a good learning environment. The Murphy Academy has the right to place a student in another class because of excessive absences and/or tardiness.

Students are allowed a total of 3 unexcused absences per year. In order to make up these classes parents must make an arrangement with the teachers within 30 day of the missed class. Be sure to alert The Murphy Academy, in writing, if there is a situation where your child will have an extended series of absences. We do not give refunds or credit for missed classes.

​Students that drop out midyear must notify the studio in writing of their plans to withdraw from the class. All payments are due in full prior to written plans of your child’s withdrawal. This includes payment for all classes in the month and months of classes the child attended.

Class Placement

Students are placed in classes according to their age, ability, attitude and achievement. If a student is struggling with the pace of a class, the teacher has the right to reassign them to a more suitable class. Only your child’s teacher will be able to determine the proper class. Teachers will monitor the student’s progress by the standards of An Commission (the Irish dancing Organization in Ireland).

Inclement Weather Cancellation

We generally follow the Grafton Public School schedule regarding snow cancellations. If school is cancelled because of bad weather, we will normally close. If there is an early release because of weather, then we will too be closed. Please, check our website and social media accounts for updates. Snow day make up classes will be determined by the teachers and will be emailed. Due to our schedule this year, we will not be able to schedule makeups due to weather cancellations.


Bullying is defined as:"use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants."

Bullying in any form is not tolerated at the Murphy Academy. Parents and dancers are held to the highest standard to respect each other and others inside and outside of class, performances, and competitions.

Methods of Tuition Payment

All tuition is made through our Parent Portal, The Studio Director, by credit/debit card. Tuition is billed monthly over the course of the dance season from September 2022-June 2023 (10 months). There is a registration fee of $30/dancer with a family cap of $60 for the registration fee. To access your Studio Director Account please click here>




We love that dancers have the opportunity to share their love of Irish dance with their siblings. We offer a monthly 5% discount for a second child. All families with three or more children will only be charged tuition for two children. We cannot wait to dance with your whole family!

Guidelines for Social Media Use by Parents and Dancers

No one has the permission to to post any information on behalf of the Murphy Academy.  One may not share information about the academy, staff, dancers and/or their families. The sharing of confidential information is strictly prohibited. Use discretion when writing and posting pictures of our dancers. 

All choreography - steps and performance choreography - is owned by the Murphy Academy of Irish Dance. Do not share videos in their entirety.


Parents and dancers must never write negatively about events, performances, or competitions and never about other dancers, schools, teachers, or adjudicators. Dance families are to abide by laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, copyright and fair use.  

Please Be Advised

By signing up for classes at the Murphy Academy, our school and instructors are not liable for personal injury, loss or damage to personal property.  Dance and exercise are physical activities, and injuries may occur.  Any student may decline to participate in any activity and must inform the instructor of any physical limitations which may prevent full participation in class. 

The Murphy Academy may take photographs of students in classes, performances, and/or competitions for advertising/marketing purposes.      

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